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1. HP Printer First time setup

2. 123HP Printer Driver Download

3. 123HP Printer Driver Installation

4. 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

5. HP Printer USB Setup

6. HP Printer Network Setup

7. HP Web Services Setup

8. Troubleshooting your Printer Issues

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Get software and driver 123 hp-setup updates for windows which you can manage at your level.


Make easy connections. Download easy installation software for your Mac.

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HP Printer Connect and print wirelessly with easy HP Mobile printing solutions.

We are Here, Fast & Easy Way to Contact Our Expert Technician

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123HP Print Setup

To print any file, open it in the same document it was created and then select the print option. Set the configuration settings and command print.
For any issues and queries, get in touch with our technical expertise.

123HP Print Setup From Windows
  • Open the HP Software and choose the file you want to print
  • Now select Print and this will lead you to more printing properties
  • You can see various options to alter advanced print configuration when you click Printer Properties/Preferences option according to your operating system
  • From Printer Properties/ Properties/Preferences option you can alter orientation, paper type, and dimensions, media tray or source, two-sided printing etc.
  • You also have the option to alter quality settings. By selecting the Draft quality you will get the lowest dpi outputs and the Normal option will set all the dpi that is suitable for most of the print settings
  • Select the appropriate option for color and black and white printing.
  • Once you are done with selecting the specifications move ahead and click Print on your printer
  • Now wait for your 123 HP printer to get your document printed out
123HP Print Setup From Mac
  • Go to the application and open the file you want to print
  • Select Print option
  • Now from the settings window, go to Show Detail
  • Select the name of your Setup Printer
  • Go to the Presets menu, and select an option that matches with your print job.
  • From the unlabeled menu, in the middle, you can alter the configuration settings according to your need.
  • You can alter orientation, paper type, and dimensions, media tray or source, two-sided printing, DPI quality etc.
  • The Draft and Normal DPI are for lowest DPI and DPI that meets most print job settings respectively. Also, the Best and Maximum dpi is for greater than Normal and highest dpi setting respectively.
  • After selecting the configuration move ahead and click Print
  • Now wait for your HP printer to get your document printed out
Common Troubleshooting Topic

Basic troubleshooting issues can be resolved with the information given below. You can go through FAQs and troubleshooting issues for more info.
Consistently if you are facing issue call, get in touch with our technical team.

HP Printer in Offline
  • If your printer is offline, then you can check that the Wi-Fi settings were not recently changed
  • If your printer is still showing offline then check the ‘Use printer offline’ setting.
  • You can also remove the other multiple printers from the queue and add your 123 hp-setup Printer again to secure the connection
  • If nothing work you can reset your printer and then add your 123HP Printers again
  • Check network connectivity
  • Restart your printer
  • If you face any kind of problem in getting back the network then restart your router
  • You can also try restarting the computer
  • Click System Preferences and go to Printers and Scanners
  • Now select your 123 HP Setup Printer from the Printers list and click Open Print Queue
  • Now you can remove the printers in the queue and then add your 123 HP Printer gain in the queue to set up the new connection.
HP Print Not Working
  • If your HP printer is not working properly you can check the cable connections and if they are losing then push the cords to fix to make them firm.
  • You can reset your printer back to the default settings. Resetting sets back the printer settings and connections back to the factory default settings
  • For resetting your printer you have to make sure the printer is idle
  • Make sure that the printer turned on and you have to disconnect the power cord from the printer
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Plug the power cord back after 1 minute and then reconnect it to the rear of the printer
  • If the printer doesn’t power on automatically, the switch on the Power button
  • After making all connections and settings try printing now.

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