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Setup Printer Guidelines

Setting up your Printer with no more hassles is very Easy and make it as Quick process. Get a firm Support Solution for all your tasks such as: Printing, Scanning, Copying, and Faxing functions.

To make a Document for Printing and Scanning, User should do the initial setup process properly. The Initial set up things to do like: Connecting devices to Power cord, Loading sufficient papers into the paper feeder tray, Installing the Cartridges into the appropriate slots.

Additionally, Users have to Download and Install the Correct Driver which has to be in Latest Version and suitable software.

When the you have not Setup their Printer properly, error will occur while during the Printing or Scanning process. The User to troubleshoot the Printer Problems with the Correct Printer Solutions. The Following printer problems are: Printer Offline, Printer not Printing, Paper jam, Print Job stuck in Print Queue, Not Printing in Black or Color Text, Driver Installation problem, Wireless Network Issue, and such more printer issues.

Printer Instructions

The Users who were using the Printer, they will face some problems with the printer. It’s Common and It Happens! To fix the Printer Problems, an appropriate printer solution is needed at the correct time.

Download & Installation

In some case, the User will face any kind of problem with their printer during the printing process. The problems occur due to the driver installation. When you Download and Install the inappropriate or incorrect version of the drivers, the issues will occur. So to avoid that, ensure to download the Updated Version of Software from the trusted website and install it in your Device properly.

Printer Repair

There are many Printer Solutions, in order to resolve or rectify your Printer issues. With the help of Printer Support Assistants, you can easily get rid of your Printer problem. In fact, manually you can repair your printer with Support Assistant help or finding the proper resources to fix the issue.

Supporting Devices

Nowadays, all kinds of Printer Supports several devices such as: In Computers & Laptops: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and In Mobile Devices: Smartphones or Androids, Apple iOS, Tablet, iPod, etc..


To Setup your Printer with your Windows Operating System, it’s simple to set up and do installation process by knowing your OS Versions.


Mac Device with Printer Setup is quite similar to Windows. Just connect your Mac Device with your Printer by Installing Drivers and Wi-Fi Setup.

Smart Phone

The Easiest setup is Mobile Printing. You can access your printer to print or scan a document from from anywhere with a strong wifi connection.

Print Setup

Once the Setup and Installation process is completed, you are ready to make a documents or photo printing from your printer easily with no more pitfalls.

Print Setup From Windows

Now, It’s All Set to Print from Printer

  • Step:1 On your Windows device, select the Photo or Document that you want to print.
  • Step:2 Once selecting the file, click Share icon or button on your Windows display.
  • Step:3 Then click the Print button or Printer icon.
  • Step:4 In the next sequence, you should make some printer settings, which is required for printing purpose.
  • Step:5 The following Printing Preferences or Print Settings such as: Paper type, Paper Size, Print Type or Orientation, No.of pages to print, Media Tray, Double side or Single side printing.
  • Step:6 Once you complete all the required printer settings, now its time to select your printer.
  • Step:7 After selecting your printer, tap on the Print button.
  • Step:8 Finally, your device will automatically start to print. You can get Printout quickly from your printer once the process gets finished.
Windows Printer Setting up

First of all, make sure you Printer Device is all Set. Ensure about the following requirements for printer setup.

  • Step:1 User have to Turn On their Printer and Operating System or Devices.
  • Step:2 Once, Turning ON the printer, load the stack of papers into the printer’s paper feeder tray. Check the loaded papers are correctly fixed and paper width guides are set tight.
  • Step:3 Then, Install the ink cartridges into the correct slots of the printer cartridge. Make sure to fix the cartridges perfectly into it.
  • Step:4 In the next step, User have Download and Install the right version of Software Driver from Operating System.
  • Step:5 Go to set up the wireless connection between your Printer and Windows device. Both the devices should get connected to the same local wireless network.
Common Troubleshooting Topic

When the user is working with the Printer consistently, obviously the printer will lead into some error. User can troubleshoot the printer issue by following the correct steps.

Printer in Offline

Why does the Printer go Offline? Everybody will think about this question. You can get the Answers here:

  • First of all, User have to Check their Wireless Network Connection. The Internet Connection has to be Strong and Active.
  • Then, Check out the Entered Network Credentials are correct or not. Like Network Name and Password.
  • Make sure your network is within range of your circumstance. Ensure to have a secured wireless connection.
  • When the above information are set up correctly and if you’re still not getting your Printer Online in the sense, Just Restart.
  • Users are recommended to Restart their Operating System and Printer device.
  • Check out your Power Connection where the devices and network wires connected to the socket.
  • Again proceed to get Connect your Devices with Wireless Network with proper credentials.
  • This time, you’ll not face any Printer Offline problem. You can proceed with your printing and scanning works with no interruptions.
Print Not Working

When your Printer is not Working, there are some required things to check. The following checklist are:

  • Firstly, Check for the Connections. Whether the Power connections connected to the wall socket are fixed properly or not.
  • You can Turn Off your Computer and Printer devices. Then disconnect the cables that you connected. Wait for a few minutes and Reconnect the devices again.
  • Then, Check for Printer is in Offline or Online mode while printing process.
  • If you had connected your devices using the USB cable, then check out the cable connection. It has fixed correctly into its port.
  • When the print job stuck in print queue, the printer will not work. So, make clear of it.
  • Ensure there is no paper jam occurs in your printer. Check out in the printer’s input tray or paper feeder tray. When there is a paper jam, kindly clear out all those bits of papers.
  • If not, you can reset all your printer settings and factory reset.

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