Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing is the process of sending data to the printer wirelessly from a smartphone. There are two forms of mobile printing- One is direct communication between the mobile and the printer. The other one is the connection between the mobile and the Printer which is connected to the computer system.
Mobile Printing can easily print and scan through wireless printing or Wi-Fi direct. Emailing files directly to eprint – enabled service by Plus Print. To Get more Info about mobile printing.


Make sure that the Printer and the mobile is turned on with the Wi-Fi connectivity.
Open the item that wants to be printed in the android device, and then click the menu icon and then click Print.

Similarly click the double arrow to view the list of the Printer and then click All Printer, then click Add printer and click Print service.

Likewise Bluetooth connection can also be connected between the mobile phone and the computer system.


  • Install the Smart app and start the mobile printing easily.
  • Select the Printer from the Smart App home screen and then click the printer setting to open the printer setting screen.
  • If the“Print Anywhere” option displays under the Options, then it is in supported mode.
  • Enable the Print Anywhere option. This can be used in ios, android and windows, mac.


  • From the Home Screen, tap the printer.
  • Click Print Anywhere, if it is not present then the mobile is not available for printing.
  • Sign in or create an account with the Connected account.
  • Click permit.


  • The Printer and the system should be connected to the wireless connectivity.
  • In the Smart Home Screen, click Print Setting and then click the Printer Home.
  • Click Web Services, click Print Info and then click continue.
  • On the Print Info search for the printer code.


Print Anywhere:

Print anywhere allows viewing the printer status and can send printer jobs from the Smart app when the user is away from the printer.


eprint is a secured cloud based service that can print from anywhere, the only main thing that needed for ePrint is the proper internet connection. Email the item that is wanted to be printed.

Print for Chrome:

Print from the chrome to printer which is connected with the internet. Printing does not required the printer to be Google cloud printer enables.

Print Service Plugin:

Install the Print Service Plugin to enable print from the android device to the Printer with the use of the wireless connection.

Voice Activated Printing:

Voice Activated Printing makes printing more easily as talking with the help of Alexa, Google Home or Cortana. The user can make use over the voice for printing the needed document.

Google Cloud Print:

Google Cloud Print is compatible with computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Wi-Fi Direct:

Wi-Fi directs provides with the direct wireless connection to the Printer without joining the local network or internet connection. This technology is similar with the Bluetooth, but uses Wi-Fi to work at greater distances and faster speed. To Obtain Instant Support for Mobile Printing.