Solution for HP Printer Issues

HP Printer may cause some issues due to improper installation and it must be resolved using specific troubleshooting techniques. Do you face any issues in 123 HP Printer? Get help from because they have qualified and trained team.

  • Printer not Found During Installation
  • Print not Working
  • Wireless Issues
  • USB Setup Issues

123 HP Printer Issues

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123 HP Printer not Found During Installation

During Installation of printer software and drivers, HP throws an error known “HP Printer not Found”. User can either Hard
Reset their Printer or check for the connection and re-try installing again.

HP Printer – Offline Solution For MAC

Step 1: Restart your Mac. If it does not connect; restart printer and router as well. After restarting, try re-installing the HP software once again after confirming the network.

Step 2: If you have a Mac then it is suggested that you get a router which supports Bonjour. Also check if you are connection is weak or you are connected with other networks. You can also connect the printer with a wired network by connecting the printer to an available port on the router.

Step 3: If all the above solutions do not work; then you can connect the printer by resetting the printer options in the setting menu. For Apple laptops you need to:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Print & Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners depending on the version of OS X
  • Right click on the printers list and select reset printing system
  • You have to enter the administrator name and password to confirm the action
  • After clicking OK, all the printers will be removed from the list
  • You can re-install the HP software again

HP Printer – Offline Solution For Windows

Step 1: For Windows version, the 123-hp-com Printer comes with Scan Doctor which will help you in troubleshooting any issue. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Restart your computer/laptop, printer and router
  • Check for connection issues and try to reconnect with you Wi-Fi
  • In case of wired network, check your network connection

Step 2: Scan Doctor is a tool which comes along with HP Print and helps in diagnosing and resolving scanning problems. You can take assistance by following below mentioned steps:

  • Run the HP print and open Scan Doctor
  • Click on Start on the welcome screen
  • Click on My Product is not Listed option and then click on Retry
  • Select the Printer and click next

Step 3: Sometimes anti-virus software like firewall, McAfee and others consider HP Software as a threat. It is always advisable to temporarily disable these softwares.

123 HP Printer not working

To start setting up HP using USB ports sometimes throws errors. Disconnect USB Cable and Plug it back to check connection.
HP USB Setup can be made in Settings window under Devices and Control tab.

Offline Solution For MAC

Sometimes a weak network or no network may temporarily disconnect the printer. You can follow the below mentioned simple steps to reconnect the

Step 1: Try resetting the printer

  • Turn off the printer
  • Remove the power cord from the printer
  • Also remove the power cord from the wireless router
  • Shut down your computer/laptop and wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting the power cord to the wireless router
  • After turning the router on, wait for another 30 seconds
  • Turn on the computer
  • Now, connect the power cord to the back of the printer and turn it on

Step 2: Check for network issues

  • If there is no network, restart the router
  • Restart your Mac and go to system preference
  • Click on printer and scanners, print & fax or print & scan
  • Click on HP Printer and open print queue
  • If the 123HP Printer does not appear in the list, it indicates no network connection

Step 3: Reset the printing system

Offline Solution For Windows

If you have a Windows computer/laptop then you can resolve issues with the help of Scan Doctor which comes free with You can also follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Run Scan Doctor

  • Open Scan Doctor and click start
  • Select your printer
  • If the printer is not on the list restart the printer and then click retry
  • Follow the steps mentioned in scan doctor in case of connection issues and click fix printing

Step 2: Try reconnecting the Printer

  • Turn the printer off remove the cord
  • Wait for 10 seconds and reconnect it
  • Turn off the computer and router as well
  • Turn it on again after waiting for 10 seconds

Step 3: Check the default printer setting

In case of multiple printers, the computer may select another printer as its default printer. In that case click on Device and Printers and set 123HP as your default printer.

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123 HP Wireless Setup Issues

Setup process needs attention because HP Wireless Setup Issues may arise when you don’t setup your HP printer properly.
Check if Printer and PC are connected to same Wireless connection.

HP Wireless Print not Working

  • In case of wireless print not working check the Wi-Fi icon on the printer control panel
  • If the wireless light is off, click on the wireless icon to connect it to Wi-Fi
  • If the light is blinking, it means that the printer has gone on a stand-by mode
  • Reconnect the wireless network
  • Select the setup, network or wireless menu
  • Go to wireless setup wizard and follow the instructions
  • Follow the Scan Doctor troubleshooting tools for windows computer/laptop

Printer Does not maintain the Wireless Connetion

  • If your computer and 123 HP Printer are far away from your router or it blocks the signal then the Wi-Fi connection might be weak
  • Check your internet connection
  • Get a router with 2.75 Ghz, it works best with
  • Do check if the printer is connected with a neighbouring Wi-Fi
  • Reconnect it with your Wi-Fi
  • Otherwise, make use of the configuration menu. This helps to change a Wi-Fi channel
123 HP Printer USB Setup Issues
HP USB Cable not Found
  • HP is a wireless printer. No USB cable is required you can connect your computer/laptop through internet connection.
  • Go to the setup wizard on the printer screen and connect it with your computer. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Pc.
  • All you need is strong connectivity and a good router. You can also print directly from your phone. The photo quality is incredible with its instant ink ready cartridges.
  • In case you are printing from a USB and it does not appear in the options, then check if the USB is connected properly or not.
  • You can also check in the settings if is getting accepted or not. If not, then try restarting your printer and connect the cable again.
USB Print not Working
  • If the printer is reading the USB and not giving print, see if it is on sleeping mode
  • Restart it again and try to give the print command. Check for the ink cartridges and also see if you have installed the paper properly or not
  • Also, see if the USB has the saved photos or not. Do not forget to scan the USB before connecting it to the printer
  • If the USB operates on the battery power, be sure that batteries are seated properly and functional
  • USB device might not appear when it is unplugged from an USB port or was stopped previously so visit to troubleshoot your printer issues

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