Privacy Policy

privacy policy

We the team, ensure our all customers that we will maintain the data and all the confidentialities held between us. We ensure you that we maintain the confidentialities during the troubleshooting, service call and payment.

The visitors or account holder information is never used for any selfish motives and always held with great care and responsibility. A user can create an account with our service and get the satisfactory information. You can get remote assistance and all your submitted information will be kept safe.

While accessing our website, all the users’ information gets preserved, your access time, your Internet Protocol, and the location of the user (browsing Country). When you want to learn more about our website and you create an account with our service. Account creation will ask you for details like; Name, E-mail, DOB, Gender etc. This information gets stored with us and is kept confidential. We work to get your problems and worries sorted. Providing you content which is easy to browse and understand.

We always keep the information safe and there is no third party disclosure of any of your personal identity/information. Whenever a client provides us with collection of troubleshooting information, the information is always held safe between the client and team.


(Firewall information, System/Printer model, System/Printer age, client operating system/Internet connection type, etc.)

When the client is making any payment with credit or debit card or using any other mode of payment, your details and information are always maintained safely with us.

The client has to be careful regarding the intruders’ interference in your payment failures. declares clearly that doesn’t take any responsibility for payment failures. does not take any responsibility if your payment is directed to any wrong destination. The client is paying for the services at their own risk. uses several cookies to collect your information. And these cookies get stored on your hard drive. Visitors can block the cookies, but blocking the cookies can prevent you from accessing some parts of our website. Visitors’ non-personal information is always preserved and stored with us whenever browse our website. These are the automatic settings which help us to know about your internet protocol address, date and time of your visit to our website, your browser type, the website you previously visited before visiting our website, etc.

Any of the clients/visitor information that we are maintaining with us is not preserved for any selfish motives. We preserve clients/visitor information to make our website better and to personalize it according to clients/visitor convenience.

Visitors’ non-personal information can be used for advertising purpose of the website. If the visitor does not want to share the non-personal information to be stored, visitors can opt out from website anytime they want.

The Privacy policy of the website may change from time to time for building convenience and comfort. We consider maintaining the comfort of the visitors and clients throughout the time they are browsing with our service and website. Visitors’ information and identity preserved only for user benefits and not for any other selfish motives.